Greetings. I'm Don Cento.

I'm a musician in general but more specifically I play guitar, write songs and sing those songs. I also occasionally produce recordings, mix recordings and do some arranging.

I've been intimately involved with the guitar since I was in seventh grade which, if memory serves, was around 1985. I was struck by a bolt of lighting in the form of a Flamenco guitar player (Ronald Radford, for the completists out there) during a special performance in band class. Soon after that it was Eddie Van Halen and after that a snowball of guitar players and bands and countless hours in the basement and practice rooms.

I matriculated at the University of North Texas and earned my BA in Jazz Guitar Performance in 1995.

Since it all began I've had the good fortune to play with a ton of great bands and artists and make a bunch of cool records. I'm currently performing with...

I'm available for recording, arranging, composing/song-writing and mixing. I'm also available for lessons. If you've got any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a line for more info.


  • April 28
    Sarah Jaffe
    Shady Grove
    Austin, TX


I recently did the theme song for ATX Uncensored(ish). Listen below and/or download below:

Here's a quick sampler of tunes. More stuff can be found on my SoundCloud Page.


Starting in Summer 2015 I'll be teaching Applied Guitar (private lessons, basically) at Austin Community College. I'd love to talk to you about getting to know the neck better, writing good parts, playing in bands, using effects. Anything really.

Please visit ACC Music Business, Performance & Technology for more info.


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